Top quality eartags for livelong identification with brass or fiber filled plastic points.




Made from a Polyurethane Ether body (55 shore D) in combination with a stainless steel clips

and a fiber filled plastic point, all according ISO standards and inline with the latest environmental EU-legislation.

  The fastening is secured with a perceptible click, allowing a rotation between both eartag parts.

The tamper proof connection is severed at 350N by 28C.

Optimal packaging for double eartagging, with a link between the identical eartags.

Weight / eartag

 Size: Width x Total height

1P 10,9 gr

61 mm x 69 mm


1A, 1B and 1C

3 versions made from 100% virgin Ether Polyurethane (52 shore D), in combination with a brass point and a stainless steel clips.

This tamper proof connection is the strongest on the market, thanks to its unique concept; Minimum 490N by 28C.

Both eartag parts are supplied with a synthetic bridge, for correct numbering.

Weight / eartag

 Size: Width x Total height

1A 11 gr

60 mm x 67 mm

1B 9,6 gr

Large label: 60 mm x 67 mm / Small label: 60 mm x 50 mm

1C 7,7 gr

60 mm x 50 mm

To be used in combination with the practical M-TAGGER pliers, or other EU-standard pliers.