Quality identification for sheep and goats.

3 different combinations Specifications Material Weight

The full OVIFLEX combination, supplied with 2 identical labels each. (Width label = 40 mm)

Laser-engraving: Every font type and size are available, as well sequential or random numbering, barcodes and company logo's.

The eartag is available in different hardness's.

The stud part is available with a metallic point.


5,5 gram

The receptacle OVIFLEX label combined with a smaller male part, packed on a practical frame. (See the picture at the bottom of this page)

3 label versions, available with different stud lengths and reinforced metallic and fiber filled points (*):

CIM-20-28: Circular label, diameter 28mm

TRM20-28: Triangle label, 28mm wide

TRM20-34: Triangle label, 34mm wide


4,2 gram

The stud OVIFLEX label combined with a small round receptacle part (diameter 28 mm)

The eartag is available with a metallic point, as well in different Polyurethane hardness's.


4,5 gram

The receptacle OVIFLEX combination is mounted on a practical Polyethylene (HDPE) frame, to ease disinfections without mixing numbers, enabling compact packaging.

The optimal fit for different breeds thanks to different stud lengths, with or without metallic or fiber filled points

(All types are Europoint compatible)

Stud length 20 mm

9 mm between labels

Stud length 21 mm

10 mm between labels

Stud length 23 mm

 11,5 mm between labels

Round studs, length 24 mm

12,5 mm between labels

CIM20-28 (round) CIM21-27P

Equipped with hard glass filled black plastic Point.

CIM23-28(round) CIM24-28
TRM20-28 (triangle) TRM23-28 (triangle) CIM24-28GF (Fiber filled point)
TRM20-34 (triangle) TRM23-34 (triangle) CIM24-28P (metallic Point)