Safe-Plomb ®

Safe-Plomb® Plastic security seal, made from non-toxic material, resistant to high temperatures ( > 100°c)
Used in combination with twisted pearl wire and Safe-Plomb® pliers.

  • Diameter: 10mm
  • Perfect replacement of lead material: Non-toxic plastic and colour additives, FDA approved
  • Price competitive: cheaper than lead
  • Light weight, UV-resistant, crack-resistant & impact resistant at low and high temperatures.
  • Available in transparent colours for enhanced security: wires remain visible trough the seal.
  • Also available in non-transparent colours
  • Pre-assembled lead-seals + wire of choice possible (Photo)

Standard packaging: 1000 pcs/bag
Diameter: 10mm
Weight: 350 grams

Used in Combination with different sizes of the Safe-Plomb® pliers and safety wire.

Available in 2 sizes, including personalized punches on one or both sides of the pliers with:

  • Codes or names
  • Company logo

Compatible Products

Twisted pearl wire

Pearl Wire Twisted pearl wire is available in different material combinations:

  • galvanized wires
  • Plastic polyamide core wire in white or blue colour. Protected by twisted galvanized wire.

Offered in reels, or pre-cut bundles of 1000 pcs with the following lengths:

  • 100mm
  • 200mm
  • 300mm
  • Other dimensions on request.

Used in combination with the following security seals:

  • NIROSTA® security seal
  • ROLLIP® security seal
  • Safe-plomb® security seal

Safe-Plomb® Pliers

Safe-Plomb® Pliers